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Argentina organises variety of festivals throughout the year. These include religious celebrations, sports fairs, food fiestas, tango shows, traditional gaucho events and not to mention the annual wine festival.

Buenos Aires Tango Festival – February to March

People from all across Argentina gather in its capital to celebrate the art of tango dancing. Performances are held across the city, as are classes and parties. It is a time to forget about your worries and dance the night away. Also in August there is the Buenos Aires World Tango Championships that take place in the birth place of Tango. Dancers from around the world gather to compete for the title of world champion.

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Gualeguaychu Carnival- January and February

Throughout the months of January and February, the town of Gualeguaychu hosts one of the biggest carnivals in Argentina. Festivities include giant parades, dancing, live music performances and feasting.

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Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film

This festival is a 10-day event celebrating the art of independent film making. Film producers from across the world meet at this annual event to promote and reward the most impressive selection of independent films.

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Semana Musical Llao Llao - September

This classical musical festival, held in the town of Bariloche, is a celebration of the art of classical music. Concerts are held throughout the town, while musicians from all around the world arrive in Bariloche to give solo and ensemble performances.

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Oktoberfest Argentina- October

During the month of October, thousands of people from all across the world arrive in Cordoba province to take part in the incredibly popular annual Beer Festival. The festival lasts for five days, with festivities taking place in the beer garden, a venue especially designed for the occasion. Several litres of beer, served in giant German mugs, are drunk throughout the five days.

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Day of the Gaucho- November

Day of the Gaucho (Cowboy) is an annual event which takes place in the Pampas, which is south of Buenos Aires. Various Gaucho related activities take place including folk songs and dance, horsemanship displays and other country skills.

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