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Frequently Asked Questions

Argentina may look far away on the map but can be easily connected either via Europe , US or South Africa. The shortest connection to the land of six continents is via Johannesburg and once you are in Argentina , you will truly be in awe with the varied experiences that the eight largest country in the world has to offer.

Q1. When is the best time to visit Argentina?

As Argentina is a country that covers various climatic zones, it is truly a year round destination. If you visit the North East and the region of Iguazu Falls , they have visitors almost all year round. Salta and the Northwest is busy from May until September and Mendoza is busy from October till December. The Lake District of Bariloche is busy in winter which goes from June until October for skiing whereas in spring, summer and early autumn for a range of adventure activities as well as golfing and trout fishing. The whale watching season in Peninsular Valdes begins from September and the peak season continues until March. Patagonia is busy from October until April and the region of Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia is a year round destination similar to Buenos Aires.

Q2. Does one require a long visit to experience Argentina?

Argentina is a long way away from India and a recommended minimum stay is for 10 days to start with covering the city of Buenos Aires, the Iguazu Falls in the North East and the Glacier region of El Calafate. Keeping in mind the diversity that the land of 6 continents offers, you will not do justice to the place if you do not stay for atleast 2 weeks to experience the diversity that the country has to offer.

Q3. Is there much to do in Argentina?

Argentina offers a wealth of activities- from action packed adventures and indulgent relaxation to family friendly activities. Travellers can take a Safari to the Clouds or do a skydive in Salta, visit one of the natural wonders at Iguazu – the majestic falls, experience some amazing adventure activities in Bariloche, go for a glacier walk in El Calafate, see the whales, penguins and seals in Puerto Madryn, experience the vibrancy of Buenos Aires and within a couple of hours from the capital visit an estancio . The list is endless. You need time on your hands to explore the highlights that Argentina has to offer.

Q4. Is Argentina expensive?

Argentina is a great value for money destination. As distances are more, you need to fly from one place to another and therefore you need atleast to factor in USD 250 to USD 350 for each flight sector in case you are covering the entire length of Argentina.

Q5. What type of food can travellers expect?

Argentina is a pre-dominantly beef eating country and has the finest beef produce in the world. There are ample options for the vegetarians and even in Patagonia you will find ample vegetarian options. Sea food is popular around Iguazu and Buenos Aires is truly an international city offering a wide variety of cuisine including Indian food as well.

Q6. Can travellers drive in Argentina?

Argentina is not recommended for self drive as the distances between cities are far too long to cover by road. Driving is on the right hand side of the road in Argentina. Flying is the best option to cover more regions in a shorter span of time.

Q7. Where can you experience Adventure Sports in Argentina?

Bariloche, Salta, Iguazu Falls as well as Ushuaia and El Calafate have plenty of adventure activities on offer. In fact you will find adventure activities almost in all major regions of Argentina.



Q1. Why is a customized holiday better than travelling in a group?

a) You can set your own pace of travel and include the sights that you are seeing and exclude those that you wish to avoid.
b) Whilst travelling in a group , you are with strangers who you may meet for the first time and you are compelled to see all sights included and cannot increase or reduce the time at any location as you have to follow a fixed schedule.

Q2. What is the difference between SIC and private transfers?

a) SIC – Seat in Coach basis, where on arrival at your destination, you will be transferred to your hotel by a coach i.e. along with several other people in a group. There could be delays due to flight arrivals in your transfers.
b) Private Transfers, where you will be transferred to your hotel in your own vehicle without sharing the transport with anyone.

Q3. After reservation what type of confirmed documents will the customer receive?

a) You will receive a confirmed Travel Program which includes the itinerary with hotel details and our office/guide contact information along with the hotel vouchers.
b) You will also receive e-tickets if you are booking flights with us.
c) Any other tickets will be waiting at the hotel reception or will be given by our partners at the destination.

Q4. Is there any minimum number of days before travel to book with Namaste Tourism?

There should be a minimum 4 to 6 weeks before actual date of travel if you wish to book with us. For special events and peak seasons, it is recommended that you book atleast 3 to 6 months in advance to get the best deals on flights as well as accommodation. Last minute bookings are subject to availability and may also work out relatively expensive.

Q5. Does the company provide Visa and Airfare services?

Yes, we do help in Visa processing and airline ticket bookings as part of the tour programme.

Q6. Is there any amount of deposit that needs to be paid in order to book with Namaste Tourism?

A minimum of 30% deposit needs to be paid to initiate the booking process and once confirmed, the balance has to be paid immediately or as per our standard terms and conditions of booking. In case of events or peak season bookings,100% payment may be necessary at the time of booking.

Q7. Is there a possibility to customize my travel plan?

Yes, Namaste Tourism specializes in customized holidays and that is our USP.