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Feel the buzz of the Bombonera Stadium during a football match or enjoy the rhythm of Tango or explore one of the wine routes – From Adventure, Nature, History, Culture, Events, Movie Locations or Shop, Spa and Gourmet – Argentina has it all. We as Experts on Argentina have shortlisted a few of the must do’s which you should not miss out whilst visiting the 8th largest country in the world.

Things to Do in Argentina


Discover the second largest country in South America by taking adventure tours like walking to the southernmost tip of South America, skiing, horse riding, river trout fishing, sky diving and hot air ballooning.

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The culture in Argentina is largely influenced by Italian, Spanish and European immigrants. American pop music is one of the most popular forms of music in current Argentine culture.

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Events & Festivals

Argentina organises variety of festivals throughout the year. These include religious celebrations, sports fairs, food fiestas, tango shows, traditional gaucho events and not to mention the annual wine festival.

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The pre-Columbian time or early history, the colonial period, the period of the nation-building, and the history of modern era are the four main parts that comprise Argentina’s History.

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Movie Locations

There are Hollywood but no Bollywood movies shot in Argentina as of 2014 ­– it is just a matter of time before this scenario changes. The only Indian superstar, whose TV show “Zor Ka Jhakta” was filmed in Buenos Aires is Shahrukh Khan.

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The surroundings of Argentina are characterised by high biodiversity. It has four natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Argentina is Mecca for gastronomes and a veritable playground for the avid food lovers. It makes one of the best chocolates in South America. Also there are many spa treatments available that incorporate wine and grapes which help improve skin tone and elasticity.

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